Jonathan Thiele is a half Indonesian half German highschool student born in Cologne in Spring 1998. Besides his love for fashion, Jonathan has a passion for travelling and discovering - when asked where he comes from he will first say half German half Indonesian but then mention he considers himself a world citizen. He is a rather bold and happy person who it's easy to laugh with.

Jo currently visits the Humboltd Gymnasium (Highschool) in Cologne, Germany where he besides his excours to Indonesia for Junior High, was born and raised. Besides blogging and travelling, music plays a big role in his life, he plays the guitar and sings, ejoys art and the theatre.

His friends would describe him as a part-time-hipster-part-time-sophisticate.

I own the rights of all the images staring myslef, or which have been taken by me. Otherwise they are taken from the internet, other blogs, books etc. if you feel offended, or are shown on one of the pictures and don't want so, ask me and I remove them imideatly. If you want to use my pictures, I would kindly ask you to ask me for my permission.)


  1. Hai...
    Mmm... hasil fotonya bagus cahaya dan lain lainnya juga pas.
    Lanjut terus dan sukses ya buat modelingnya... see ya...

  2. Hai joo! Btw ganteng bgt haha sukses trs yaah!x :)


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