Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hey Everyone,

As many of you already requested, I'm doing a Giveaway with a meet and greet as a price. But not just meet and greet: With the first winners I will spend a whole afternoon in a mall strolling around and all what belongs to that, so not just "Hey there, photo, Bye" NO! The people will actually get to know me, and I will hopefully get to know them.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is post a picture of you (and your friends if you want) at your favorite hangout place on Instagram or Twitter, tagging #MeetJoSays and (twitter) @JoSays or (Instagram) @JoThiele

Example (Instagram):

WHEN TO DO IT? Tag the photo starting from now until including Juli 6 (end at 0:00). On July 8th I will anounce the two winners. ONE will be picked RANDOMLY and ONE will be picked by having the most CREATIVE and outstanding hangout place! The winners will be announced on , we will get in touch and we meet when I'm in your city :)

It's not too hard and I hope we can have a great day together :)

Still any questions though? Ask me on or mention me the question on


only available for people living in Jakarta, Yogyakarta or Southern Bali (Kuta etc) (If you live in Bali it will probably be an afternoon at the beach or alike) 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Modern Lumberjack | outfit

[Shirt: BDG|Vintage Sunnies|Shoes: Sisley]

So first of all I'd like to thank the anonymous who endorsed this super comfortable and cool looking lumberjack shirt to me. I was really happy when I saw there was a package for me,with sadly now message, name or adress in it.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Very Parisian Day

[Blazer: The Executive|Shoes: Yongki Komaladi|Shirt: H&M]
Back in Paris a Friend (Ann Li) and I decided to spend a pretty Parisian day. Crèpes by the Eiffel Tower, then a walk by the Seine and a Coffee by the Opera.