Monday, December 30, 2013

Utrecht pt.3 | A Stroll-Around-Day | outfit

 Utrecht was super kind to me. This Post was shot the day I arrived in the beatiful city by the canal. I was impressed...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Utrecht pt.2 | Utrecht's lights | outfit

It's christmas everybody! I guess you recognized that, not hard with all the blingbling everywhere.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Utrecht pt.1 | Fitra's Little Toy | outfit

Somedays off from the German city life is always good. This time I chose Utrecht in Holland as my destination to just relax. There I visited my old friend Fitra who i met in French class while I was living in Jogja, we were pretty close friends. When I arrived at her apartment I recognized a beatiful Minolta SRT 100X standing in one of her shelfs. I'm a big fan of analog photographes, maybe not of how they look, but taking them is so much fun. I just found it too sad that Fitra wouldn't use it, so I took it showed it the sunlight of Utrecht and took some photos while sightseeing. 

[Blazer: Burberry|Shoes: Zara|Black&WhiteTee: NOSTA|Scarf: Berschka|Trousers: Levi's|Camera: Minolta]
Photos by: Fitra Annisa

PS: the last picture was totaly overlighted, but I liked so I tried to save it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Time | outfit

 It's christmas time, and reddish knit wear, for me, is the clothing item for christmas. I'm not a totally christmassy person, but once I put this Jumper on and stroll around the city with all the christmas lights on and the people drinking hot punsh, and being happy at the christmas market I can't wait for the silent night to come. 
Brown in its varities has definitely been my favourite color this year, having a lot of items like the beige jacket and the kontrast blue and beige shoes.

[Knit Jumper: H&M|Jeans: Diesel|Shoes: Tomkins|Blazer: TheExecutive|Wool Coat: H&M]
Photos by: Jana Bel

Guys, I thinking of changing my name, the design and getting my self a domain. would be nice if you could give me ideas via Instagram, Twitter, a Facebook message or a comment on one of the posts. I want to make this all serious, for you!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Winter Wishlist | fashion

It's december already and, as every year when december starts, I start to fantasize about aaaaaall I would really like to have:


Chriminal Damage
this year is the first that I voluntarily wear pullovers, and enjoy wearing them.

Chriminal Damage
New Look
My this year's moto was the more outrageous the better, that also goes with the pullovers, an interesting print on or knitting pattern catches my eye in less than a second. Them pullovers on top are definitly on my winter wishlist 2013/14.
The one on the top right apparently is a knitted Polo-Shirt, was so fascinated of that.


I've never been a guy that ever really looked at or for accessories. But this winter I would love somethings to push up an outfit with the pullovers above

River Island
Reclaimed Vintage
Icon Brand

Reclaimed Vintage

Please call me hipster if you like, but just the fact that mustaches are the traitmark of hipster makes me want to have them on my clothes even more, just to provoke the people.
Those rings (outrageous as you can see), eventually even a neckless (really am not the neckless type of person), bracelets and watches definitly get on my wishlist for winter 2013/14.


Jackets are always good, here what I WANT, NEED,LUST this winter.
Reclaimed Vintage
Criminal Damage


PS: The mess within the photos was sort of wanted :)