Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Very Parisian Day

[Blazer: The Executive|Shoes: Yongki Komaladi|Shirt: H&M]
Back in Paris a Friend (Ann Li) and I decided to spend a pretty Parisian day. Crèpes by the Eiffel Tower, then a walk by the Seine and a Coffee by the Opera.
I decided to go in pastel blue and beige, to give it all a bit of a vintage hint. Adding vintage glasses, simple Jeans and Shoes I wanted to create a look which totally prospects Paris, Paris is chic, elegant, but still modern and hip.
I am really sorry that the Blog isn't as blogging as it is supposed to be, but since the year of school I am in at the moment is a very important and exhausting one in Germany, I kind of don't have time to do it all. But I have decided to have a bit of a new concept, so there's one thing I can promise: From now on there will be a new post at least once a week (every Sunday) if not even more.

Photos by: Ann Li // Canon550D // Location: Trocadéro, Paris


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