Sunday, November 30, 2014

Snow Falls | outfit

[Sweater: H&M|Shoes: SISLEY|Shirt: H&M]

On my last vacation in the north of sweden we we're surprisingly hit by the snow. We were prepared, but we did'nt really expect to have snow already since it was only octobre.
But as stubborn as I am, the snow didn't hinder me from wearing what I want to wear.

That week (not sure wether I've mentioned that before) I went through three seasons of the year. Having a super later summer with over 20°C in Germany, the start of autumn in Stockholm and then Winter in Jokkmokk. I enjoyed the winter the most.

I was happy to take out my sweaters again and to wear them in my favourite combination which, so I think, goes with every situation and every weather - sweater over shirt.
In the winter the sweaters just get thicker, and in Indonesia the sweaters should be thinner.

I hope you can excuse my rare social media appearence lately, my timetable is cracking but I have a new project for JoSays. in mind, so stay Tuned!

 Photos by: Jana Bel // Olympus Pen mini E-PM2 // Location: Jokkmokk, Sweden

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