Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Resolution | thought

2014. It was one hell of a year. Sorry to express it like this. In every way there were a lot of happenings. In politics there were the presidential elections in Indonesia, in Culture the escalation of Religion wars, in Economy several plane crashes (one of them just one week ago) and in fashion there were quite a few ups and downs as well.
This post will be a post of only writing since I want to express my thoughts. I must say I wouldn't mind if you dont fully read this.

As I said, it was one hell of a year! I still remember the beginning of it like it was yesterday. I was sitting at the exact same spot as I am sitting right now. At my "weekend apartment" in Paris.
I really don't know why, but I've been pushing this post in front of me for a very long time (I'm getting so emotional), eather I didn't have time or I was just not ready to finish this year yet, there still was one thing to happen until I could say - 2014, you are free too pass.
At the end of 2013 I didn't really care, it was a troublous and annoying year. But it's very, I am really sorry for the cheesyness, different this year. On my account (@jonathanthl) I have already answered a lot of questions about this year which had me thinking about it. Normally I just said how much it was one hell of a year, but often eough I got lost in my thoughts and answered with ununderstandable arguments.
In 2014 I learned so much, about life, about fashion, yes, and also about sience. I lost so much, mainly phones but also mentally, but also gained so much - too hard to explain - but one of the most important "things" of my 2014 are the people. I met so many new people which I included into my heart immideately, but I also lost a few friends, sometimes through stupid misunderstandings, sometimes because the friendship just wasn't right. About me myself as a person of my own 2014 I learned to know myself a lot, and realized in which ways I had to change, and did so. All in all 2014 was just a special, normal year. (:D).
Since this is an article for Jo Says., my fashion blog I probably shouldn't be writing about myself as a person so much but more about fashion. But to be honest with you, I really don't fell like doing this right now, but I will talk about Jo Says. Jo Says. has a huge development behind itself. Which will always stay in progress though. 2014 was Jo Says.' official first year and I think it is starting quite good no?
There are a lot of things to think of in 2015. To keep the constant development of Jo Says. running and to definitely get to post more (I will clean up my time tables so I have more time for you). Jo Says. will make it, I'm telling you (:D). As I mentioned a few times in the past week a whole lot of things are planned for Jo Says., tuned to see the changes. (I'm so exited)
I hope for you, that your 2014 was as fulfilling and giving as mine was. That you have been tought that you are right, and yes it sadly must be, tought better (but we learn from that) and that your journey together with Jo Says. doesn't end with the end of the last sparkle or firework in the air or the last drop of Champagne running down your throat, but that you stay, and get to go with us through the hard time - that was definitely too much but I wanted to add a patriotic touch to the cheesyness of this post.
And now good fellow
Be rested well
keep calm when it's too shallow,
your well tidied shell
grow out of it
like a flower from soil
it's fine too leave
go see the world
find places new, or discover old
who knows what you find
there is a chance, of any kind
with a sparkle lid,
you find out you are royal.
- Anonymous (It was not me, saw this poem in a book before and thought it would fit)
Jo Says, have a great 2015!
Jonathan Thiele

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