Thursday, October 31, 2013

Paris pt.1 | Casual though Elegant | outfit

As my first ever post on my blog I decided to write about something special. Last week my best friend and cousin Clara and I were invited by H&M to come to Paris and have a look at Isabel Marant's new collection for H&M. 

Paris is such a beautiful city, and it doesn't stop fascinating you with interesting people, beautiful places and super tasty food. Every step you take you find something more and more interesting. If it’s the guitar player on the street who enchants you with his beautiful singing, the street dancers with their spectacular choreographies or, of course, the outfits of the people walking on the streets which each differ another in a positive way.

Me myself tried to fit in that jungle of 'WOWs' somehow with my casual, though pretty sophisticated and elegant look with leather shoes, coat, buttoned-up shirt and a simple jute bag as a contrast to it all.

[Shirt: TopMan|Black Wool Coat: H&M|Skinny Jeans: Zara|Old-Leather Shoes: skyLINE] 
Photos by: Clara Devi

PS: Its Halloween so, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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