Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paris pt.2 | It's getting colder | outfit

It's getting colder in Europe, and I'm totally not the pullover kind of person but due to the cold it is a must exept you want to wear a bunch of layers over another.
The days became a bit stressy lately, so walking around with fancy leather shoes wouldn't work out anymore so the sporty topsiders had to get out so walking from one spot to another would become easier.
 But despite the sporty Topsiders I still want to have something chic on my outfit, because you never know who you might suddenly have to meet. A Simple shirt under the pullover doesnt only make it nice and warm, but the collar gives the outfit just another hit.
 This day was the day Isabel Marant's collection has been presented. Read more about the new collection and show Soon on
[Knit Pullover: H&M|Topsiders: Pull & Bear|Shirt: TopMan|Black Jeans: H&M]
Photos by: Clara Devi


  1. Nah, it's getting hotter in indonesia :'D
    Sure the rain comes now and then (unfortunately at midnight) jadi rasanya sama aja.

    Btw, welcome to blogger

  2. Just fell in love with your grey pullover! It looks so comfortable that even I start to miss the winter a little bit. After I've read the things about Paris in your blog, I'm sure that I'm going to visit this city soon. So near but I've never been there.
    Greets from panama and go on like this, looks kind of professional!


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