Sunday, November 17, 2013

Paris pt.3 | Inception | outfit

Being in Paris is always too cool. Meeting people, discovering new styles and learn more things about the world. That's what makes leaving Paris even worse so I keep dreaming of being in Paris lately. I wish I could just finish school as soon as possible and move to Paris for ever, well, until it becomes boring, and that also only with my lovely friend Clara by my side, because Paris with her has been the best time of my life. 

But it's life and I have to go on, write exams, get good grades and make it through so I can make my dreams come true. Apropos dreams, I've been watching Inception so many times, eventually due to not really understanding it, and I've been to Paris a bunch of times in my life, passing this bridge, Pont Bir-Hakeim, but I never realized it has been on the movie. Paris has definitely been an awesome time together with Anas, Clara and of course H&M. Read more about H&M here soon. 


Wearing a purple, seemingly blue shirt, red jeans and brown leather shoes I'm wearing a combination of my favourite colors this fall. It's not too bright and fits in with the typical autumn mood. Lately when I meet my mother she can always tell what mood I am in, according to what I'm wearing, seems like I really dress according to my mood. 
[Chek Shirt: H&M|Jeans: Zara|Old-Leather Shoes: SkyLine]
Photos by: Clara Devi

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  1. I have to say that i miss my time in Paris very much :( hope i could visit the wonderful city soon when i (hopefully) go to studienkolleg/uni in Germany next year!
    Loving the color combination of your outfit, perfectly paired together to make one awesome outfit! you look really cool in the ensemble! :D

    Pudding Monster


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