Sunday, July 6, 2014

Runway Sunday | Milan Fashion Week

[Dolce & Gabbana SS15]
Of all the menswear fashion weeks, the Milan Fashion Week is my favourite. It's known that the best way to present youself is by wearing an Italian suit and Milan Fashion week is where these are presented. Of course the fashion week does not only show suits, but also other colections for Spring/Summer 2015. See my Faves and Hates from Milan for SS15.
(See full Runwayshows of Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Iceberg and Dsquared2 posted at the end of the post)


As we could all already recognize during the last few seasons - The past is coming back! The Flared Skirts of the 50s, the Jackets of the 60s and the bright colors of the 80s. But of this could mainly be seen in the "Hipster scene" but apparently the dots and stripes will also come in high class fashion, so we might be seing Pharrel Williams (he's always the most unclassically dressed) with a Polka Dot suit on
the red carpet of the Oscars next year. 
[Printed Suits by Dolce & Gabbana]
As also told in the Interview with the designers of DsquareD2 (Video - DSQUARED2 01:45) The Summer 2015 will be a trip back to the early 80s, with a lot of color and pattern and you can see in the Iceberg show that the width of clothes from 90s returns. 
My absolute favourite is the Iceberg collection. I, to be honest don't really find no reason but it just packed me once I saw it, their shoes the pullovers and just ALL.

[Dsquared2's leading pattern in SS15]

Even though I have stated that I do like the coming back of the 80s, Gucci took a step too far and let Suits look like pyjamas using striped pants and, as well a hate that goes to Gucci is the combination of suits and Bucket Bags, Bucket bags can be okay for a backpack travel, but made out of fine leather is just not a bucket bag's destiny... But I think I would still wear it though hehe.

[Gucci SS15]

 What also disappointed me (a bit) was the boringness of the Armani collection. I would have more glamour, more, more they had cool ties though.

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