Monday, October 27, 2014

After the Game, We Play | outfit

[T-Shirt: Cocraparis|Birkenstocks: Betula|Sunnies: Vintage]

Catwang overdone I'd say so it actually becomes part of the outfit. In summer I have seen a lot of people with Birkenstocks and also with creatively printed T-Shirts and Shirts. That inspired me.
Read on to see and find out more...

I've never actually really been a fan of craziness in fashion like cat printed shirt and growing up in Germany Birkenstocks were house slippers, but this summer changed my life. I did find out a few totally different sides of fashion, new styles, new people and well, just new sides.
So I geared up with my vintage (favourite, go with everything) Sunnies, a cat printed t-shirt, birkenstocks and, because it's still me, a vintage blazer I got in a thrift shop a while ago (more about that in a posting line soon) and created a look I like!

Birkenstocks turnout to be super comfortable when it's warm and you have a long day, in the beginning I felt kind of weird wearing a cat shirt but after the time it was funny and I learned to like it. I guess you are going to see more variety on in the future.

Photos by: Galih Hastosa

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  1. Loving this post Jo ... Great ensemble ... Love the mix of blazer with
    Slip on . You nailed it

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