Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Time | outfit

 It's christmas time, and reddish knit wear, for me, is the clothing item for christmas. I'm not a totally christmassy person, but once I put this Jumper on and stroll around the city with all the christmas lights on and the people drinking hot punsh, and being happy at the christmas market I can't wait for the silent night to come. 
Brown in its varities has definitely been my favourite color this year, having a lot of items like the beige jacket and the kontrast blue and beige shoes.

[Knit Jumper: H&M|Jeans: Diesel|Shoes: Tomkins|Blazer: TheExecutive|Wool Coat: H&M]
Photos by: Jana Bel

Guys, I thinking of changing my name, the design and getting my self a domain. would be nice if you could give me ideas via Instagram, Twitter, a Facebook message or a comment on one of the posts. I want to make this all serious, for you!

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