Monday, December 30, 2013

Utrecht pt.3 | A Stroll-Around-Day | outfit

 Utrecht was super kind to me. This Post was shot the day I arrived in the beatiful city by the canal. I was impressed...

It was the first time ever that I didn't directly have the 'wow-feeling' when arriving, but the londer I stayed, the better it became. Normally when I get off a plane or a train I directly think "I definitely want to move here" or "Hm, Yeah it's alright" and that will stay like that my whole stay long, like I have it the times I get to Paris like I am at the moment.

That time it was different - a normal feeling while arriving, not wanting to leave while leaving.

Wearing a DIY stud-shirt and the beanie you might probably already wonder about why I wear it a lot (it has story, I'll tell you some other time) I strated to just stroll around the little city center of Utrecht with all the little stores and the the beatiful cafés by the canal. 

[Shirt: H&M/D.I.Ystuds|Hat: H&M|Jeans: Diesel|Shoes: TopMan]
Photos by: Fitra Annisa

PS: I thought that a night In in Paris would be the perfect time to finish some unfinished blogposts and post them :) yayay paris is so wonderful.

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