Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Utrecht pt.1 | Fitra's Little Toy | outfit

Somedays off from the German city life is always good. This time I chose Utrecht in Holland as my destination to just relax. There I visited my old friend Fitra who i met in French class while I was living in Jogja, we were pretty close friends. When I arrived at her apartment I recognized a beatiful Minolta SRT 100X standing in one of her shelfs. I'm a big fan of analog photographes, maybe not of how they look, but taking them is so much fun. I just found it too sad that Fitra wouldn't use it, so I took it showed it the sunlight of Utrecht and took some photos while sightseeing. 

[Blazer: Burberry|Shoes: Zara|Black&WhiteTee: NOSTA|Scarf: Berschka|Trousers: Levi's|Camera: Minolta]
Photos by: Fitra Annisa

PS: the last picture was totaly overlighted, but I liked so I tried to save it.

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